Cha Cha Music EP

Abdulhafeez Onitilo
Collected ₦34,000
6% Goal ₦500,000


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Our Story

The Cha Cha Music EP is a project where I will be working  with 12 fast-rising artists and 3 fast-rising producers to create nothing but beautiful sound

Why EP you would ask?

As my podcast (Cha Cha Music Review Podcast) turns 5 this year, I want to do something magical and nothing is more magical to me than creating music.

I want to do this to help fast-rising artists, aside from featuring them on the Cha Cha Spotlight Series, I want to go a step further by creating music with them which I believe will also boost their careers.

I want this to be part of the podcast legacy; a yearly project where I use the EP to introduce new and talented artists to the world and help build their careers in the process too

Your donation will go a long way in making this project a success, God bless you as you donate

Thank you